About Us

Ilketshall Wensleydales has been founded by Serena Plenderleith with the purpose of creating and marketing luxury woollen apparel using wool produced from her flock of 60 plus Wensleydale sheep. The range of products is ever-evolving and includes throws, shawls, ponchos, blankets and cushions. Skeines of wool are also available for those who want to knit and create with this beautiful, natural material.

Wensleydale sheep are reputedly the finest lustrous longwool in the world. The wool is beautifully purled and produces a soft, strong and fine yarn, perfect for knitting and weaving. Its quality and lustre make it ideal for our luxuriant range of products – from skeins of wool to blankets, shawls and ponchos.


The Yorkshire Dales is the spiritual home of the Wensleydale sheep.
Of considerable presence, the Wensleydale is a large longwool sheep, with a distinctive blue/grey head and ears and a forelock of wool known as a ‘topping’. It is a one of the largest of the indigenous breeds in the British Isles, and listed as ’class 4 – at risk’ on the Rare Breeds list.